Mission Statement

“My principal mission is to help every citizen live a safe and prosperous life”.

I am running for District 4 Alderman for the City of Milwaukee. I’m excited for the opportunity to be the candidate because I am trying to raise $1 Billion for the City of Milwaukee to improve our local economy. People tell me that this is too idealistic, but I disagree with them. If you look at the history of our founding fathers, they were considered idealistic too. The Constitution of the United States epitomizes idealism. We should not forget that.

I need your support to help our community achieve the Billion Dollar Campaign for the City of Milwaukee. Our City badly needs a Billion Dollar infusion to jump-start the local economy. We need to face our reality and find a solution to tackle our circumstances. A simple Google search for Milwaukee regarding its ranking yields the dire need for improvement. We have academic research written by Professor Marc Levine, who has written and spoken about Milwaukee’s economic constraints. (The link is found at the bottom of this page.) Our Billion Dollar Campaign will address these issues.

The Billion Dollar Campaign is achievable. The concept of a Billion Dollars should not be intimidating for our City. I have written a 4-page Outline explaining the approach to securing a Billion Dollars for Milwaukee.
My mission is to increase the voting rate from 20% to 80% on February 16, 2016 & April 5, 2016. There is a Billion Dollars on the line for our City. The Billion Dollar infusion to the whole City of Milwaukee will be shattering. Our economy will be a robust, mighty, and dynamic program.

A Billion Dollar Infusion for the City of Milwaukee Would Do The Following But Is Not Limited To:

1) Create Many New Jobs and Opportunities (An enlightened Democracy) – A Billion Dollar infusion would provide a better business environment for our entrepreneurs, stimulate lower taxes by increasing our tax base, foster a better community environment because people would more disposable income to spend, and create better services by our local public servants.

2) Lower Crime in Our Neighborhoods – The Billion Dollar infusion would make our community safer because there would be more jobs available. When people have jobs, they will have ambition and aspiration to have a better life. This would happen by
having more jobs in every part of The City of Milwaukee.

3) Extraordinary Community Participation (A Heart-Warmed People) – This would happen if we can get the voting increased from 20% to 80% on April 5, 2016. If we can do this, our community would be the strongest community in the United States. We would set the new standard in the voting Status Quo. The new Status Quo would be, “If Milwaukee can do it, why can’t we?”

4) Education (An Educated People) – We would have top-of-the-line educational services for our children. We would increase quality of education. The future of our children is of utmost importance for our community.

5) Transparency – No secrets, and no games. Every entrepreneur and business owner will be treated fairly, and with respect for their service in our community.

6) Infrastructure Revolution –As the economy is becoming based on technology, we must further improve the standard Infrastructure to include “Technology Infrastructure” of citywide fiber optic internet connectivity. We are going to promote the concept the “Creative Class,” as researched by Professor Richard Florida.

7) Greater Encouragement and Support for Small Businesses. – There would be thousands of grants in to help entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses of Milwaukee. The money would go directly to the business. I’m currently drafting a list of businesses who are submitting proposals.

8) The Importance of Police Department – Our Police Department has a difficult job because of our economic situation in our City. We need to increase the number of police officers, and further, we would use some of the funds to strengthen the Police Department. We want to abolish furlough programs of the Police Department. We need to increase the number of police families who live in the City of Milwaukee by providing special grant money.

The Billion Dollar Infusion is the spark that we need. Our future is bright. I want to be your Alderman. Please vote and advocate for Milwaukee by telling your family and neighbors to vote on February 16, 2016 & April 5, 2016.

Yours truly,

/s/ Andrew Shaw



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