Meet Andrew

I’m running to be your alderman for District 4 for the City of Milwaukee because we need a new kind of leadership. I have lived in the City of Milwaukee for more than 25 years, and my wife and I have raised our four children here. I came to Milwaukee to attend Marquette University Law School, and Milwaukee became my hometown. I invite you to be part of my team to make Milwaukee a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

As I run for alderman, the same themes and issues keep coming up:

1) Jobs
2) Public Safety
3) Education
4) Better Business Environment for Small Businesses.

It appears that politicians say one thing but their actions do not match what they say. They promise a new solution, but end up resorting to the same stagnant worn-out ideas. The answer cannot simply be to raise property taxes or cut services.

Solutions can be found if we have the political will to change. We must dramatically change our actions to get dramatically different outcomes.

However, in 2012, out of the population of approximately 40,000 residents in District 4, only about 3,400 people voted for the April 2012 election. This is a very low outcome, especially since we have a crisis in our City.

What is the crisis in our City? We have chronic unemployment problems, while having a refusal to be open to new ideas to improve the business environment for businesses who have chosen Milwaukee. We need to nurture our businesses so that they thrive and employ our residents. We need sustainable businesses with sustainable jobs. We need to aggressively recruit and negotiate with new businesses to improve our City’s economy base and to raise fresh exciting interest for tourism.

We must change direction and make a new vision for Milwaukee. Instead of fearing change, we need to embrace change and rightfully take our place as a re-invented innovative city with a rich intriguing history. If that description doesn’t exactly sound like Milwaukee yet, that is because we are going to have to make new decisions to get there. It is our choice to determine what direction that Milwaukee is heading.

Will you be part of my team for changing Milwaukee’s direction? District 4 is a highly influential district that includes much of Milwaukee’s downtown. We are in the right place and the right time to make a serious positive impact in the future of Milwaukee. Please vote on February 16, 2016 & April 5, 2016. I greatly value your ideas and your help.

I would appreciate your vote and support for the February 16, 2016 & April 5, 2016 election.